domingo, setembro 13, 2009

Sem Abrigo - 2

Portugal perdeu hoje com a Ucrânia, por 5/4, a final do Homeless World Cup. Foi a melhor classificação de sempre dos portugueses.

Today Ukraine defeated Portugal 5-4 in the final of the Milan 2009 Homeless World Cup, the annual international football tournament that gives people who are homeless the opportunity to change their own lives. 48 nations, 500 players from all 5 continents of the world were united in the Arena Civica, Milan, Italy for the 7th Homeless World Cup.
Mel Young, President, Homeless World Cup, closing the competition said: "Congratulations to the players. Your spirit of fair play, courage and determination is a true example to the human race. This is what the united nations can look like. People standing together creating change. A ball can change the world."
Milan officials handedover to Brazil for the Rio 2010 Homeless World Cup in a high energy display of samba and colour with the Brazilians promising to deliver the best tournament ever next year

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